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I deleted a lot of my animations

2008-06-04 19:53:23 by madness49

I just removed all my old crappy animations from Newgrounds.

Library Madness Series - Library Madness 1 was too old to remove and is still on, but #2 and #3 are now removed.

Madness Improbabilty, Duck Hunt Plus, Smoking Kills, Super Mario Gravity, Super Mario Bros 1-1 - Removed

Mario And Luigi Superstar - Too old to remove

DDR : Do The Mario - Too many views to remove

You Can't Kill Koopa, Goomba vs. Mario - Didn't want to remove... yet.

I just didn't want my old animations up anymore because, frankly, they were complete crap. I don't want work on here I'm not proud of so I did a major cleanup and removed many old flashes.

If you want a second look at these oldies, feel free to contact me, I still have them on my computer.

On a complete unrelated note keep a watchout for Toad Massacre, a new game by me, coming soon.

And that's about it. Thanks for your time.


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2008-06-04 20:55:13

I wish I could remove collaborative projects.


2008-06-09 18:01:25