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I announce my retirement.

2008-01-07 18:26:23 by madness49

I am retiring from flash. I have not animated anything in a while, you may notice and it's going to stay that way. I am not making any more animations.

I've lost my motivation and spirit of animating. I don't feel like it anymore.
I've don't have much time to anymore anyways.
I've been bouncing back and forth between a couple animations recently. I'm not that happy with how they look. I'm not enjoying animating. I can't focus on one animation.

I just can't do it anymore. And I won't.

So I'm retiring. I hope you enjoyed my flashes I did create and I'll still be around Newgrounds.

I encourage you to check out Goomba vs. Mario my only decently recent flash that I'm happy with to this day. And feel free to submit it to the mario collection. Actually, don't just feel free, do it now.

Uh, anyways point is, I'm retiring from flash... so... :(


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2008-01-07 18:59:49

Well that really sucks, we'll all miss ya here at OTW dude.
If ya wanna come back, you can anytime.Cya dude, peace.


2008-01-07 19:07:21

You're retiring? Man, you're only 14 years old and you fucking have talent! Why the hell do you want to stop? There's got to be a reason WHY you don't feel like it.

When it comes to writing, sometimes I lose my motivation, or my spirit of it. but you know what tends to rev it back up again? Reading and/or watching movies. It triggers my imagination and whatnot. Maybe that is what you need!

I know its not up to me obviously, but I do not think you should "retire" from animating. I mean, you're only 14 years old, you have years to improve!!

Just my input.

madness49 responds:

Thank you


2008-01-07 19:32:37

ok, i and we understand why, w'ell miss you.


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