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New Flash - Toad Massacre

2008-06-13 19:34:36 by madness49

I released a new flash today called Toad Massacre.
Try it out :
Toad Massacre
You know you want to kill some toads...

New Flash - Toad Massacre

I just removed all my old crappy animations from Newgrounds.

Library Madness Series - Library Madness 1 was too old to remove and is still on, but #2 and #3 are now removed.

Madness Improbabilty, Duck Hunt Plus, Smoking Kills, Super Mario Gravity, Super Mario Bros 1-1 - Removed

Mario And Luigi Superstar - Too old to remove

DDR : Do The Mario - Too many views to remove

You Can't Kill Koopa, Goomba vs. Mario - Didn't want to remove... yet.

I just didn't want my old animations up anymore because, frankly, they were complete crap. I don't want work on here I'm not proud of so I did a major cleanup and removed many old flashes.

If you want a second look at these oldies, feel free to contact me, I still have them on my computer.

On a complete unrelated note keep a watchout for Toad Massacre, a new game by me, coming soon.

And that's about it. Thanks for your time.

Or not... I'm back

2008-02-01 23:06:05 by madness49

I couldn't resist it. I'm not retiring, and although my internet is down and I can't say much here, i Have made a new flash.

View it here : You Can't Kill Koopa

I announce my retirement.

2008-01-07 18:26:23 by madness49

I am retiring from flash. I have not animated anything in a while, you may notice and it's going to stay that way. I am not making any more animations.

I've lost my motivation and spirit of animating. I don't feel like it anymore.
I've don't have much time to anymore anyways.
I've been bouncing back and forth between a couple animations recently. I'm not that happy with how they look. I'm not enjoying animating. I can't focus on one animation.

I just can't do it anymore. And I won't.

So I'm retiring. I hope you enjoyed my flashes I did create and I'll still be around Newgrounds.

I encourage you to check out Goomba vs. Mario my only decently recent flash that I'm happy with to this day. And feel free to submit it to the mario collection. Actually, don't just feel free, do it now.

Uh, anyways point is, I'm retiring from flash... so... :(


2007-09-18 18:25:06 by madness49

So, sup everyone? =/

This is an 8-bit Mario flash in the style of Super Mario Bros. The basic outline of this flash is that a Goomba gets a mushroom and simply jumping on it will not kill it anymore. Can mario find a way to defeat the goomba? Find out in this intense flash.

Goomba vs. Mario

Check it out, and it'd be very appreciated if you recommend this to the Mario Collection. Thanks for your time and Enjoy.

You can contact me at

And on a completely unrelated point, go join
Off The Wall Productions a sweet flash production website.